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The BBC World Service, which reaches over 210 million people, broadcasts “Tech Tent”, which covers the latest global news about technology, and which is helmed by journalist and economics and technology expert Rory Cellan-Jones.

On the show aired February 3, “Tech Tent” dedicated a long segment to the Innova Fund, which the Government of Biscay set up this spring, and whose goal is to give economic support to R&D and Innovation.  This news shared airtime with news about WorldRemit, or the IPO of Snapchat in New York.

The reason this financing tool was on this is being discussed on this show heard around the world is that it’s the first time a country or region is going to allow its citizens to send their savings to the R&D projects being run in its territory in exchange for a tax reduction.  The added value of this capital the citizens send to productive investments is backed up by a reciprocal guarantee company, which is undersigning the loans.

In the interview on this show, commented on by the emcee of the show and Lucy Marcus, the consultant in technology investments, the Biscay government’s idea behind this was pointed out:

“if a government asks its startups and SMEs to be innovative and entrepreneurial, then this institution must also be so, and that’s what we’ve done.”

This is the second time in just a few months that BBC World has focused on this field of Basque, and more specifically Biscayne, innovation.  In October, this network interviewed Iván Jiménez, the Managing Director of bizkaia:talent.

We’ll leave you with the audio file of this program, a link to the BBC website where you can find this program, and a link to a report from Expansión, a Spanish economic newspaper, which is also discussing the basics of this fund.

 Tech Tent by BBC World Service. 2017/2/3 – © copyright [2017] BBC

Inversión de Bizkaia en I+D+i recogida por la BBC


Expansión – 29/9/2016- España

Bizkaia desgravará la inversión en un nuevo fondo para pymes

Bizkaia va a lanzar un fondo para invertir en pymes, hacia el que pretende canalizar el ahorro privado de los vizcaínos mediante la aplicación de incentivos fiscales. Esta iniciativa va en paralelo al proyecto del Gobierno vasco -incluido en el programa electoral del PNV para el 25-S- de crear un fondo de inversión en empresas estratégicas vascas dotado con 250 millones

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