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What is Basque pilota? Sylvia Sabes explains on the BBC

Euskal pilota/ Pelota vasca ( Andia/Getty Images)
Sylvia Sabes travels to the Southern Basque Country to explain on the BBC what Basque pilota is and how important it is for the Basques

The BBC explains Basque to the world

Qué es el euskera, contado  en la BBC
BBC journalist for the Latin America services Leire Ventas has prepared a magnificent video explaining what Basque is

BBC: a spectacular article about Basque, “the oldest language in Europe”

articulo de la BBC sobre el euskera
This article was translated by John R. Bopp Today, at 7am, while our readers were getting their daily email with the blog updates, the BBC published...

BBC World shows off a new model for financing innovative projects...

This article was translated by John R. Bopp The BBC World Service, which reaches over 210 million people, broadcasts “Tech Tent”, which covers the latest global...