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Canadian daily National Post has published a full interview by Laura Brehaut of Alexandra Raij, in which she talks about Basque cuisine and especially about pintxos.  It’s an interesting interview which also gives a few recipes about these small bite-size food items that fill up all space on the bar in our country so that the readers of this Canadian periodical can try their hand a starting a small taste of a gastronomic voyage through the Land of the Basques.

Alexandra Raij, originally from New York, is a well-known personality for the readers of our blog.  She is the co-owner and “at-fault” party, alongside Eder Montero, of the Txikito Restaurant in New York, which we’ve mentioned many times before on our blog.  Both are also owners of two other restaurants in the Big Apple: El Quinto Pino in Manhattan and La Vara in Brooklyn.

We also paid special attention to her “Txikifest”, where every year she brings a bit of the Basque Country to the streets of New York.  And if that wasn’t enough, a few months ago, they released a book on Basque gastronomy that is a hit among buyers and critics.

National Post – 4/8/2016 – Canadá

Step up your summer entertaining with pintxos — small bites from the Basque Country

Basque cooks have small bites down to a fine art. And there is no better introduction to the food of northern Spain’s Basque Country than bar hopping – chasing that perfectpintxo to accompany a glass of sagardo (hard cider), txakolí (sparkling white wine), Navarra or Rioja wine. “Bartenders there are so hospitable,” chef Alexandra Raij says. “And they’re so brilliant at their jobs. They have amazing memories; they’re taking orders and holding conversations, and they’re stirring gin and tonics just right. They have so much flair.”

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