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Aitor Galdos and Evelin Heuschreck are traveling Argentina from north to south.  They started in La Quiaca, near the Bolivian border, and hope to reach Tierra del Fuego.  Diario Primera Edición out of Misiones, Argentina, is telling the story, since the route will take them through this part of the northeast corner of the country.

If the thought of biking over 2,300mi / 3,700km to go from the top of Argentina to the bottom might scare most mere mortals, consider this: the pair has also biked, since 2009, through:

Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Xinjiang (China), Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Eastern Tibet (China), Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Alaska, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

This infinite voyage has been ridden in its entirety by Aitor Galdos, but most of it has been done as a collective adventure.
  • From 2009 to 2010, another Basque, Iñigo Rumenige, accompanied him from Cairo to Bangkok, from February 2009 to April 2010.
  • From June 20110, Aitor decided to ride alone through Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Japan.  Halfway through, from 2011 on, Evelin, his current pedalling adventurer companion, joined him and they were two riders again.  They rode from Sulawesin – Celebes Islands in Indonesia to Tokyo, arriving in November 2012.
  • In May 2013, since that seemed “too little”, after a visit to their families, they started a new journey, which they call a classic, from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia in Patagonia.

Of all this, they’ve been leaving “bread crumbs” on their blog, which they say, “isn’t trying to be a travel guide,” but rather has two objectives: to prove to our moms and loved ones that we’re alive and kicking, and to tell, as well as we possibly can, our feelings, tales, and anecdotes.”

We started diving into their pages and, as the title says, this is dangerous: the blog is addictive.  One starts reading and doesn’t want to stop, because it offers us amazing stories (in Spanish and in English) accompanied by an extraordinary collection of photographs.

We don’t know when they’ll finish their tour of the New World, but looking on the map, one can see they still have all of Africa, the Asian part of Russia, and “old and familiar” Europe still to see.  However it happens, we get the impression that they’re not going to stop pedalling once they reach Ushuaia.  And we’re not going to lose track of them!

Diario Primera Edición – 1/8/2016 – Argentina

Un vasco y una italiana harán escala en Posadas durante su vuelta al mundo en bicicleta

Cyclotheraphy, on their way through Monument Valley, Utah, USA
Cyclotheraphy, on their way through Monument Valley, Utah, USA

Aitor es ingeniero técnico de profesión, pero abandonó su carrera profesional para recorrer Asia en bicicleta, su otra gran pasión. La idea era recorrer ese continente en un año, pero “cinco años después aún sigo en ruta”, relata. En febrero de 2009 partió de El Cairo (Egipto) con su mejor amigo, Iñigo, y a la aventura la llamaron “Cyclotherapy”. Juntos recorrieron Oriente Medio (entonces en paz), el Cáucaso, las grandes cadenas montañosas de Asia Central (Pamires, Karakorum e Himalaya) y el Sudeste asiático.

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The Cyclotherapy blog



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