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This is what British blogger Emily Luxton has shown us in an article in which she comments to her readers that the Basque Country is still an undiscovered international tourism destination and how, moreover, it’s a place that offers so much more than the cities best known to British travelers.

She focused on the Basque Autonomous Community, so she cites Bilbao and San Sebastian as the places with the greatest tourist attraction.  To that short list, we’d add Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz north of the Pyrenees, which also have a long history as tourist destinations.

Walking the Camino de Santiago along the coast, the first way that was used over a thousand years ago by the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, has opened up several of those places that are really interesting for but little known among most of the travelers who arrive in the Basque Country from abroad

Routes of the Camino de Santiago by Euskalherria.  An interactive image from Euskonews
Routes of the Camino de Santiago by Euskalherria.  An interactive image from Euskonews

These places are not usually visited by masses of tourists since their attractions, which are many, are far removed from what most travelers are usually looking for for their holidays.  But we Basques know very well that there is a market of travelers whose interests go far beyond “sun, sand, and beachside bars”, which is a great choice but one where our country cannot, nor should, compete.

As we can see on the map, among all the different routes of the Camino de Santiago, you can get a wonderful overview of our land.  So, we encourage all lovers of bringing together holidays, history, culture, and gastronomy to discover these paths, which will help them to learn some of the “secrets” of the Basques.

Emily Luxton – 20/8/2016 – Gran Bretaña


arlier this year, I headed to the north coast of Spain to discover the belt of four regions known as Green Spain. First up was the Basque Country, and here the nickname was particularly apt. Forested mountains, lush wetlands, and rolling valleys skirt a rugged coastline that’s seriously beautiful. This region of Spain is a world unto it’s own, with it’s own unique language and an unforgettable cuisine. Yet surprisingly, the Basque Country is still relatively underrated, with British tourists flocking instead to Spain’s south coast.  Being very much off the beaten track, the Basque Country has plenty to discover.

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