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St. Augustine is a coastal town located in the north of Florida. Its newspaper, The St. Augustine Record, has published an article by David White, founder and editor of the blog, which was awarded the recognition “best wine blogs” in 2013, which has caught our attention.

In this article, David White recommends a wine for summer, a simple and pleasant wine that gets along with the high summer temperatures of the Gulf of Mexico.

The chosen wine is Txakoli, a wine that he defines as follows: “It is light, fresh, mineral-driven, and very fresh. Txakolina is the perfect wine for summer days on the terrace or porch”.

By the way, among the alternatives described as “summer drinks“, he mentions Corona beer. A Mexican beer made by Cerveceria Modelo which, has we mention here, has much to do with the Basques.

As we always say in these cases: it is great that Txakoli is well-known throughout the world, but we hope that it doesn’t mean that we run out of it at “home”.

The St. Augustine Record – 17/5/2015 – USA

For easy summertime drinking, reach for Txakolina

With summer approaching, the frequency of poolside barbeques, lazy picnics and late nights on the patio is rising just as quickly as the mercury. This means lots more time outside, and consequently, a different cocktail menu. Summertime drinking is about simplicity. Easy drinking beers like Budweiser, Corona and Pabst Blue Ribbon pair perfectly with hot dogs and hamburgers. Pitcher drinks like sangria are quick and always a hit. Premixed frozen cocktails like strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas eliminate prep time and transport guests to the tropics.

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