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Will Lyons writes an article in the Gastronomy section of the American newspaper in which he talks about wines “that you fall in love with”. The core of the article revolves around the memories of wines that have left a special mark on him. The times when a wine created a very special feeling.

In truth, he starts in a fairly traditional way. First a Bordeaux wine, then he goes onto Burgundy wines. But from then on, it gets interesting. He follows with a wine which, though French, is from a less recognized wine region, and which made a big impression on him at a dinner in Paris.

After that, in a surprising turn, Will Lyons approaches Txakoli wines. An option for the most “adventurous”, he says, but in the most positive sense of the word, as a dare to encourage readers to try this wine.

Then he follows on with French wines. As if there were no other wines in the world or in Europe. A number of red and white wines of Rioja Alavesa and Navarre, which are a guarantee of eternal love for anyone who tries them, come to our mind.

By the way, in the section where he gives three specific recommendations as “spring surprises”, he includes the Txakoli Aguirrebeko.

Wall Street Journal – 9/4/2015 -USA

Falling in Love With Wine

WHAT WAS THE WINE you first fell in love with—that maybe even changed your life? Mine was a very old bottle of Clos du Clocher, from a small property in Bordeaux’s Pomerol region. I was working in a wine shop in Edinburgh at the time, and one morning a customer came in carrying a bottle, with its cork snapped. We had a policy of replacing bottles from dissatisfied customers, and so that afternoon we prized out what remained of the cork and tasted the wine. It was heavenly. Even though the flavor—slightly smoky, with hints of plums, licorice and rich blackberry—was powerful, the texture was so light.

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