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A couple of months ago, “yesterday”, so to speak, we bid farewell to Mark Bieter’s blog from our list of recommended blogs. He had decided to focus his efforts on other activities and announced its closure.

We have now expanded our list of references of interest, including a blog that, in our opinion, is worth keeping an eye on. Actually, what we are finally doing today is something we should have done long ago, namely, to include it in our list of essential recommendations.

We are referring to Guillermo Dorronsoro, “Euskadi ™” blog. It was created in July 2008 as part of his personal commitment with “the 6th stage in the way to innovation, which is for each person to acknowledge his/her own commitment with Innovation”.

Guillermo Dorronsoro is one of those people who are like a lottery prize for society. Why? Just read his resume at the website of the NGO Alboan, of whose Board he is a member:

Dean of Deusto Business School. He has held executive positions in international corporations (Accenture, Iberdrola, EDP / Naturcorp, Socintec / Indra), always in positions related to strategy and promotion / management of new technology-based businesses. In recent years he has actively participated in the transformation of the Science and Technology System of the Basque Country. After a period as Executive Director of Technological Innovation at Innobasque, he now combines his work at the University of Deusto with his role on several boards of directors and boards of private companies and public-private entities in this area.

He takes part, as guest speaker, in public events, conferences and seminars focusing on Innovation Management and Science and Technology System. He acts as an expert evaluator for European Commission programs and he is a regular contributor to newspapers and publications in the field of Public Policies and Corporate Management.

His blog places Basques, or at least the citizens of the Basque Autonomous Community, before the mirror of the real world. Optimistic and judgmental, he is not satisfied with the fact that Basque citizens enjoy a good position, but compares the reality in the Basque Country with examples of best practice. His goal is clear: that such a comparison helps boost the development of Research, Development and Innovation. The famous R+D+I to which, to be sure, he also adds the K of “Kultura” (Culture): Basque and Universal Kultura.

Below is a link to a Euskadi ™ blog post that we found offers a remarkable summary of what Basques have achieved so far and of the dangers they face if they become complacent. We titled it: Innovation: are Basques happy to come second?

We recommend that you take a look from time to time and, if possible, that you follow him every week. We have learnt a lot by reading his each articles. For us, the articles help us an ideal balance between the pride for all that has been achieved, and the certainty that there is still a long way to go, because it is not enough to run, you have to run faster than the rest. And, especially, you have to run faster than the first.

Finally, we close with a recommendation for Guillermo Dorronsoro: this extraordinary amount of information calls for a search menu and a subject index ……..

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