ESPN has published an amazing article describing what Real Sociedad de San Sebastián is as a team, and its integration in the community and the city that hosts it.

The article was penned by Luis Miguel Echegaray.  Might he be a Basque journalist?  Not in the strict sense of the word, as he is a Peruvian journalist living in New York.  But his surname gives away his family origins.  We don’t know when his Echegaray reached the New World, but we can’t forget that Basques have been in Peru since the 16th century, back when it was the Viceroyalty of Peru, and Lima was the “City of Kings.”  This Basque community not only organized itself starting at the beginning of the 17th century, they  also never lost touch with their homeland, and for centuries, they were part of a network of Basque organizations spread throughout Europe, the Americas, and the Philippines.  But that’s another story (or at least the other side of the same story).

The main conclusion one can reach from this article is that its author, a journalist for ESPN, really likes Real Sociedad, just like he likes San Sebastian, the city that has always been home to this Basque team.

This is a great article that serves not only for readers to get to know this team better, but also serves to really inspire people to want to get to know this part of our country.

ESPN – 2/3/2023 – USA

Passion for Real Sociedad runs as deep as San Sebastian’s love for Basque culture and cuisine

Today’s football can be an avaricious industry, filled with a consumerist mentality. A world in which a club’s single-minded thirst for revenue dictates its future, where owners need to make money, regardless of success on the pitch. This isn’t a criticism, but an observation of reality, one that’s hardly surprising.

At the end of the day, whether we like to romanticize it or not, these clubs are also enterprises and have external responsibilities that go beyond 90 minutes of action. A club has to sustain itself as a club, but also as a business, and ever since the arrival of the pandemic, this mission completely changed the economic curve of every professional club.

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Photograph: Real Sociedad fans are as proud of their identity as their club. Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

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