The French-language Swiss daily La Liberté has published an article by Gerard Blanc on their website that’s all about Donibane Lohizune, that town on the Basque coast known in French and English as Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Given its beauty, history, and appeal, it’s easy to understand how we’ve collected so many references to this Basque city.  Indeed, just this week, we’ve already published two entries about it; the first one was from Forbes.

The Swiss newspaper’s article gives us an insight into the history of this city, and describes some of the most interesting places to visit, linking them all to the special relationship this city has with the sea and with sailing; they also include a “getaway” to Sokoa Fort.  Moreover, there’s a focus on other another area the city is famous for: its local specialty of pelota vasca called cesta-punta or chistera.

And one very interesting thing about the article: the Swiss reader will only ever find references to this city being Basque, and how it’s maintained its identity through history.

We’ll leave you with the article.  You have to register to read it, but registration is free.

La Liberté – 31/3/2021 – Switzerland

Une ville d’armateurs et de corsaires

Dans le port de Saint-Jean-de-Luz, on rêve aux baleiniers ou aux corsaires tels que Messieurs Renau d’Elissagaray, ou encore d’Albarade, qui prenaient la mer pour de longs mois. On imagine aussi les fastes donnés par le Roi-Soleil pour célébrer son mariage avec l’infante d’Espagne Marie-Thérèse en 1660, dont la procession fut ouverte par cent tambours suisses. On imaginera enfin ces terribles tempêtes qui engloutirent une grande partie de la ville au XVIIe siècle. Et, pourtant, Saint-Jean-de-Luz a su conserver son caractère indubitablement basque, dans les rues piétonnières et sur le pourtour de son port de pêche interne.

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Header photo: The Old Port is surrounded by opulent old mansions.
GB / Eric Roustand

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