We’ve talked about Scotland many times on the blog, for both cultural and political reasons.  We’ve never hidden our sympathy for the Scottish independence movement and we, like many other Basques, consider it quite an achievement that they had to possibility to decide their own future.

That’s what we said in an entry we wrote the very day of the referendum, before knowing the final results.  Although we had wanted “Yes” to win, we understood the importance of the recognition of Scotland as a community with the right to decide for itself.

Unfortunately, as time proved, Scotland voted “No” in that referendum.  And they did so because they were scared off by being told that voting “Yes” for their country’s independence meant having to leave Europe…and that they might be prohibited from reentering by opposition from the United Kingdom.  And Europe stayed mum.

Of course, what came of that threat from the British government is that Scotland not only did not recover its sovereignty, it was then pushed out of the European Union anyway (though not Europe, because they always have and always will be a part).  This exit was the consequence of the inability of the Conservative Party to solve the internal wars and their inability to govern.  In a mad dash forward, very much in the style of a chicken with its head cut off, they decided to find an outside party to take “responsibility” for everything going wrong, and what better scapegoat than the European Union.

The result is what we had to live through on December 31, and which we will continue having to live through from now on: a European Union without England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

The Scots have not resigned themselves to this new situation, and they do not want us to stop counting them as Europeans.  They don’t want us to think they’re renouncing being a part of what we all, them and us, are.  That’s why they’ve sent this message.

And we thank them for it, but honestly, it’s nothing new: they will always be a part of Europe.


Scottish Government – 2019 – Scotland


The people of Scotland voted decisively to remain within the European Union (EU) in 2016. Scottish Ministers continue to believe that EU membership is the best option for Scotland.

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Scotland – 12/2020 – Scotland

Scotland is here

Scotland – as part of the UK – has left the European Union, but while our relationship might be changing, EU citizens are still just as welcome as they’ve ever been!

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