Irish public television (RTÉ) has a show called Tastes Like Home where Irish chef, presenter, and author Catherine Fulvio travels the world meeting people from Ireland who’ve settled down in other countries.  Then, she sits down and cooks a meal with them in the style of their adopted homeland.  Then, a relative who’s still back home cooks an Irish dish.

On Monday, they’re going to air the episode where Catherine Fluvio travels to San Sebastian to pay Fiona Kennedy a visit.  She’s originally from Crookhaven in County Cork and now lives in the Gipuzkoan capital.

We discovered this thank to an article by Sinead McCarthy on the website of the Irish newspaper The Echo.

We know they’ve traveled to San Sebastian and were taken on a tour by Gabriella Ranelli (an old and dear friend to the blog), and got to go to a San Sebastian-style sociedad gastronómica.  And, of course, they got to discover all the charms of pintxos.  We’re not sure what local delicacy Catherine and Fiona have decided to prepare; nor do we know what Fiona’s sister, Linda Kennedy, who runs the kitchen at O’Sullivan’s Bar in Crookhaven, will be making.

We’ll be on the lookout to find out what recipes get chosen, and we hope we’ll be able to share the video of the episode here on the blog.

And of course, knowing the very close connection between the Basques and the Irish, we’re sure we’ll have a lot in common!

EchoLive – 2/10/2020 -Ireland

Cork foodie cooks up a treat with Catherine Fulvio

NJOY the tastes of Spain and of Ireland in a TV cookery show next week, courtesy of a Cork woman. Linda Kennedy, who runs the kitchen in O’Sullivan’s Bar in Crookhaven, features in the next episode of Tastes Like Home on RTÉ1 on Monday October 5, at 8.30pm. She and her sister Fiona, who lives in San Sebastián — a resort town on the Bay of Biscay in Spain’s mountainous Basque Country — compare recipes with the programme host Catherine Fulvio.

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