Jacob Elordi is a young Australian actor who’s become a star among the youth thanks to roles in The Kissing Booth on Netflix and Euphoria on HBO. 

And we’re mentioning him on our blog because GQ Australia has put him in the cover of their July/August issue.  And as happens nowadays, the article isn’t just printed, but also has a multimedia part, including a YouTube video published on July 30 under the title “Actually Me”, showing him on different social networks looking up and answering questions about himself.

The most interesting, at least for us, is when he comes to a page about himself in the English-language version of Wikipedia.  There, he found that he had been defined as an Australian actor of Spanish descent.

His reaction?  Clear and concise.  “That’s not true.  I have Basque descent.” (at 5:50 in the video).  He goes on to explain that it’s “this little place between France and Spain.”  He finishes by explaining his origins with a sentence that makes everything crystal clear: “My grandfather would strangle me if he knew it said Spanish descent.

And he was explaining this while editing the Wikipedia entry, turning “He is of Spanish descent” into “He is of Basque descent.”

The entries in other Wikipedia languages have also been modified to indicate that he’s of Basque ancestry.

This might seem anecdotal to some, trivial even, but it really is hugely important.  This video, and its statement, have been seen 1.5 million times in just three days.  That means that that declaration, that explanation about his origins and the existence of a Basque community that stands out on its own, has had a global impact.

Hearing him reminded us of a similar clarification made by Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) when he was listed as a Hispanic Congressman.  He pointed out that he wasn’t “Hispanic”, he was “Basque”.

Thanks to Jacob Elordi for “respecting his elders” and for explaining, to so many, that there is a Basque community that is proud of what it is.

GQ Australia – 7/2020 -Australia

Jacob Elordi Is GQ Australia’s July/August 2020 Cover Star

Jacob Elordi portada en GQ Australia
Jacob Elordi cover of GQ Australia

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