A few days ago, we brought you an article about a talk on Basque mythology organized by the Basque Center in Corcordia that had appeared in the Heraldo de Concordia.

We’re bringing them up again today because they’ve published another article, this time by María Rosario Echeverría, thanks to which we’ve discovered the work of Dr. Felipe Heras, a Basque physician who spent his whole career in that city, and left an impression that is still noticeable.

Born in Navarre, he reached Argentina when he was 19, right after getting his degree, which he transferred to Argentina.  He worked at the Charity Hospital right from its founding, dedicating himself to working for the community of Concordia his whole life.

He died in 1906, but the memory of his commitment to the town carried on.  The hospital where he worked now carries his name, and even 114 years after his death, the newspapers still remember the life and career of this Basque.

El Heraldo de Concordia – 20/3/2020 – Argentina

Un destacadísimo médico vasco

El doctor Felipe Heras, original de Navarra, llegó a nuestro país a los 19 años, recién recibido de médico, título que revalidó en la Argentina. Ejerció su profesión en Concordia con el beneplácito de sus pobladores, quienes pudieron apreciar su capacidad y bondadoso trato.

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