Richard Vines is the lead culinary critic in the Arts and Entertainment section at Bloomberg.  We’ve blogged about him before, back in 2003, when he interviewed Elena Arzak in London.

Today, the culinary specialist and medium come together again in our blog thanks to an article they published on February 15 in which a group of celebrity chefs, loaded with renown and Michelin stars, tell us about their favorite hamburgers.

Nothing could seem to be further from haute cuisine than the humble burger, but there is no doubt that many places have turned this “fast food star” into a true gastronomic powerhouse.

So, of the 44 burgers cited in the article, four are Basque.  Interestingly, they can all be found along the Basque Coast, from Biarritz to Portugalete.  Two locations in Labourd, one in San Sebastian, and one in Biscay made the cut.  Quite an achievement.

Yet more proof that we are The Culinary Nation, as if there were any doubt.  And not just in high-level cuisine, but even in bars, and now in fast food!

These are the places that were chosen, from north to south and east to west, along with the chef who chose them:

We’ll leave you with the Bloomberg report, where you can find out about all the best hamburgers in the world.

Bloomberg – 15/2/2020 – USA

The World’s Best Burgers as Picked by Stars of Gastronomy

The humble hamburger rarely has a place in traditional fine dining, but for many top chefs it’s one of the food world’s greatest guilty pleasures. It’s a simple dish that’s found everywhere and loved all around the globe. But where can you get the best one and what’s the secret to turning a handful of minced beef (or something else) and some bread into a delicacy? We asked the culinary elite — chefs laden with Michelin stars and other accolades — for their favorite burgers when they are having a sneaky time out from gastronomy.

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