In the last few months, Bizkaia Talent has been recognized for its work at several international conferences.  We’ve blogged about the special mention they received in the presentation of the Global Talent Competitive Index and about the award the received at the Place Marketing Awards in the “Economic Development” category.

Bizkaia Talent has now been invited to participate in the fourth edition of the CITIES Forum, which was organized by the European Commission and held last week.  It’s become the most important event related to cities at a European level.

More than 500 representatives from cities and institutions across Europe were in attendance, such as the Regions Committee, Eurocities, and the European Commission itself.

Bizkaia Talent en City Forum en Oporto 2020
Bizkaia Talent at the City Forum, Porto 2020

This association, developed by the Biscay privincial government, has participated in the “Employment and Competencies in the Local Economy” workgroup, where it was presented as one of a role model in Europe, along with Rotterdam, thanks to how it’s facing the challenge of competencies in the context of the digital transformation.

The Managing Director of Bizkaia Talent, Iván Jiménez, has announced the initiatives the association is carrying out in this respect, such as the Talentia Skills program, or the technological tools they’ve put in place: Kids & Skills, the Basque Talent Observatory, and the Career Development Center.

As we always say, the international projection of a part of our country is tantamount to the representation of our whole country.  We’re small, and that’s something we can easily see when we look at simply our area: 20,664 km², compared to the ‎8,382 km² for the London metro area, or the 13,500 km² of the Tokyo metro area, or 26,061 km² for the Houston metro area.

We’re a “metro area-country”, and as a country of just over three million people, we need to think and act as one unique reality.

Bizkaia Talent is a great example of working under that idea.  It is born from the government of just one province, but its actions are not limited to just that territory.  Its activities include recovering Basque talent that left our country, or to bring in international talent, and it does so by collaborating with other institutions or companies, regardless of which Basque province they’re from.

Header photo: Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms

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