Two powerful women in our Country have joined forces to send a clear message against gender-based violence in a new music video.

One is Anne Etchegoyen, a popular Basque singer from north of the Pyrenees.  The other is Itziar Ituño, a renowned singer and actress from south of the Pyrenees.

To help them in the recording were Antonio JiménezJérôme Levatois, and a chorus of Basque voices chosen especially for this album.

The two of them give us a beautiful music video, charged with a powerful and urgent message, filmed on the streets of Bayonne, in the capital of Labourd, and also at the collège de Marracq.  This single is part of the latest album to be released by the singer from Lower Navarre, and she did so as a duet with the actress and singer from Biscay, in the three languages common to our country.  And now we also have this amazing video.

The reasons that brought these two together are of extreme importance, and we would be remiss not to bring it to you, not only for its message, which we should never forget, but also it is being brought to us by two Basque singers from either side of the Pyrenees, who have united to bring it to us.

We never tire of saying how we Basques live “with our backs turned” to the Basques on the other side, a situation that has been made worse, for centuries, by a border that is not our own, as Orson Welles so rightly explained.  It’s an artifical situation that the different Basque institutions must eliminate.  But even more than that, Basque society should work to erase them.

And this is a magnificent example of how to do just that.

So always remember: EZ da EZ; NON c’est NON; NO es NO; NO means NO

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2020 by About Basque Country

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