Two years ago, we dedicated an entry in our Viewpoints section to the Maskarada held in Soule.  At that time, we recommended not missing out, at least once, on this beautiful manifestation of Basque culture.

This Basque territory, at the eastern edge of our country, maintains a very special Basque essence that it projects, quite strongly, in its cultural manifestations.  A while back, we wrote an article on a group in that territory, Xiberutarrak, and took advantage of that to give a small presentation on that part of our country.

At the time, when we were speaking about the Maskaradas, we commented on how it’s something you have to add to your bucket list, given how it’s a key element of Basque culture.

That’s why now, since the Maskarada season is now gearing up in Soule, we’re giving you some info about it, including the dates of the twelve Maskaradas that are going to be held, as well as information on the young people who are going to participate in them.

Every year, the responsibility for the representations falls on one Soule town.  This year it’s the turn of the youth in Altzürüküko (Aussurucq).

This report, both regarding the dates and the participants, we found on an extremely interesting webste, which we’ve turned to on many occasions: Dantzan.

We’ll leave you with the dates, the article about the organizers of the next edition, including a beautiful collection of historical photos, our blog entry talking about our experience in this popular Basque celebration, and a compilation of articles where we talk about our visits to that part of our nation.

Our recommendation: do NOT miss it!


Dates for the 2020 events:

Dantzan – 26/11/2019 – Euskadi

Altzürüküko gazteek emango dituzte 2020ko maskaradak

Otsailaren 2an hasi eta apirilaren 19an bukatuko dira 2020ko maskaradak, Altzürüküko gazteek emanak. Oraindik egutegia guztiz zehaztu gabe dute, baina gonbita eginiko herri guztiek onartzen badute, hamabi emanaldi izango dira guztira. Lehenengo emanaldia Altzürükün izango da eta azkena Garaibin, zati bat Altzürükükoa eta bestea Urdinarbekoa dituen auzoan.

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