To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War, Euronews has just published a video by Aurora Vélez on their website about three Basques who experienced the disasters which that conflict created by the insurgent Francoists caused first-hand, and tell what they recall of that conflict.

It’s just under two minutes long, but in that time, we can get a clear idea of how terrible that war was and how the losers had to live through not just the dictatorship, but also exile, silence, and the lies imposed by the Francoists after their victory over the Republic and Democracy.

The last words heard ought to be engraved in all memories, because it’s the only way to fight against Fascism and to avoid that those same jackals, now wearing new costumes, again try to impose their totalitarian vision.

The Spanish version offers the complete testimonies of each of the three interviewees, which we also leave you with.

«Yo no los perdono nunca».

Euronews – 27/12/2019 – Europe

‘I will never forgive’: Survivors remember the Spanish Civil War, 80 years on

o mark the occasion, Euronews has been talking to some of the last generation of survivors from the northern Basque Country. You can hear what they said in the video, above. The conflict, which lasted from 1936 to 1939, was sparked by a military, nationalist uprising against the left-leaning Republican government.

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