On this blog, you will be able to find a lot of information about the Basque War Children.  These stories are often about what happened to them, but there are also the stories of what happened in the lands that took them in.

Thousands and thousands of Basque boys and girls had to live through the traumatic experience of being separated from their families.  Their mothers and fathers had to suffer the anguishing dilemma of choosing between keeping their children with them under the bombs the criminal insurgents and their German and Italian allies were dropping on them, or sending them away.  A terrible dilemma, but one which them the chance to get away from the war, thanks to that Basque Government that had, in just over a year, and in the middle of the war, been able to build up a model protection structure that survived many years of war and dictatorship, thanks in no small part to the support of the Diaspora Basques.

There was a very large colony of Basque children in Great Britain, thanks to the civilians of that country who were able to break their government’s resistance due to their sympathy for the insurgents.  And there, you can still find the Basque Children of ’37 Association, which for years has carried out incalculably good work preserving this part of our memory as a People.  We too have blogged about it on many occasions.

Today, on December 25, a very special day for Christian culture around the world, this association would like to share, as if it were a gift from the Olentzero, a greeting that was published in those dark years when those boys and girls wished a happy Christmas to, and thanked, the society that had taken them in.

Today, we’d like to thank this association for its hard work, as well as all those groups working every day to preserve the memory of our nation.  We again restate our commitment to collaborating with them to preserve and share it, as well as our commitment to keeping all those people and institutions who in solidarity took ours in and gave them an opportunity to escape the barbarism of Fascism in our memory.

Eskerrik Asko!!!


Felicitación de los niños vascos de la guerra»en Gran Bretaña
Chrismtas greetings from the Basque War Children in the UK

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