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Our regular readers know we’ve been paying close attention to the work to bring home “Basque talent” that’s managed to spread out all over the world.  As we always say, it’s great for our young people to know the world, as it gives them perspective and experience, but it’s also good for them to be able to come home if they so choose, to continue developing their careers and sharing their perspective and experience with Basque society.

So we’re closely following Bizkaia Talent, whose work has generated a lot of interest abroad, as can be seen in the relevant articles we’ve been collecting.


Today we’re blogging about them again, because this Saturday, the next annual “Be Basque Talent Conference” will be held again.  In 2008, when the first of these events were held in Munich, there were 56 attendees, and in the upcoming one in Paris, 150 are expected to come, along with 45 Basque organizations from the automotive, machine tool and IT sectors, among others.  It total, more than 1,230 professionals have gone to the 34 events of all different types Bizkaia Talent has put together in Europe and the US.

This Saturday’s event will be held at the New Cap Event Center in Paris, from 8:15 am to 7:30 pm, and will have presentations, an open debate forum, interviews, workshops, and much more.  Below you’ll find the link to the event’s program.

Bizkaia Talent collaborates with companies from all over our country, and helps professionals from the whole country.  In addition to organizing these events, in 2015 they set up the Be Basque Talent Network, which today is the largest network of highly-qualified professionals who would like to be in or be linked to the Basque Country, regardless of where they’re from.  This network now includes 13,000 professionals in more than 100 countries, and about 400 companies.  Its goal is to get professionals working around the world in touch with other professionals and companies in order to facilitate talent movement, contact creation, and greater commercial relationships.

We’d be remiss if we finished off this article without again saying what we always do about this topic.  If we want the talent that costs so much to train to stay, our companies need to put mechanisms into place so they can; this includes fair salaries and appropriately valuing personnel.  This same rule goes for shops and companies as for customers: it’s a lot easier to preserve what we’ve already got than to have to go out and find it.

Bizkaia Talent – October/2019 – Euskadi


More than ten years creating unique opportunities and long-term professional relationships between talent and Basque organisations. With a personalized agenda. Always.

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Bizkaia Talent – October/2019 – Euskadi

París acogerá la duodécima edición de la Be Basque Talent Conference el próximo 26 de octubre

Un año más, Bizkaia Talent volverá a organizar una nueva edición de la Be Basque Talent Conference (BBTC). Será la duodécima y tendrá lugar en el New Cap Event Center de París el próximo 26 de octubre. Se trata de una jornada de índole internacional que tiene como objetivo conectar a organizaciones vascas con profesionales de alta cualificación, en el que el trato cercano y distendido de los participantes aseguran el establecimiento de relaciones profesionales en un ambiente de confianza.

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