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We’ve spoken about the Basque Wavegarden project many times.  It’s always fascinated us, both because of its technology as well as the reinforcement it provides to the ever greater weight Basques have in the world of surfing.

If our readers go through the articles we’ve incorporated into the blog about this project, they’ll see that our first reference to them is back in February of 2011; that is, it’s been many moons ago, or in this case, many waves ago.

Today, we’re sharing an article we’ve found on an Italian website dedicated to surfing called Surfcorner, which reports on the first facility that’s been open to the public in Bristol, which will hold its grand opening on November 4th, which is just around the corner!

First Waves in the Wavegarden Cove, Bristol, England from wavegarden on Vimeo.

We’re sharing the Surfcorner article, as well as the one the company Wavegarden itself has published on its website.

All we can do is congratulate them!  Zorionak!!!!

Surfcorner – 22/10/2019 – Italy

Il primo Wavegarden Cove al mondo sta per diventare realtà

Dopo quasi dieci anni, il sogno di Nick Hounsfield sta per diventare realtà: The Wave Bristol è pronta a inaugurare ed ospiterà il primo Wavegarden Cove in scala reale aperto al pubblico. L’apertura è prevista a novembre. Il sogno di Nick Housnfield diventerà realtà a partire dal 4 novembre prossimo e segna una data storia, essendo il primo Wavegarden con tecnologia The Cove costruito in dimensioni reali aperto al pubblico. Tutti i video visti fino ad oggi dei vari pro che testavano l’onda del Wavegarden nei paesi Baschi erano girati in un prototipo del 20% delle dimensioni reali.

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Wavegarden – 18/10/2019 – Euskadi

Waves commence breaking at the World’s First Public Wavegarden Cove, The Wave in Bristol, England

Today marked a historic moment for Wavegarden as waves started breaking in the world’s first public Wavegarden Cove in Bristol, England. With the official opening of The Wave scheduled for November, Wavegarden’s engineers are on track to complete the commissioning of the machinery that powers the revolutionary Wavegarden Cove technology.

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