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No, we’re not trying to say that the choice of Biarritz as the venue for the G7 meeting is creating a positive image for our country.  In that sense, we rather think it’s going to bring quite a lot more drawbacks than advantages, at least for most of the people who live there.  But that’s not the story we want to discuss today.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve commented on how AFP (Agence France Press) articles have a huge reach.  We’ve blogged about a few that talk about our country, and we have to say that, despite the “barbarities” we’ve come across on more than one occasion, the treatment of the Basques offered by this French news agency usually beats that offered by the EFE in both quality and “fondness”. 

On this occasion, we’ve come across an article that we love.  And since we’re trying to be equanimous, we’re highlighting it to make sure that we don’t only blog about things we don’t like. 

The article talks about five things readers should know about the Basque Country, making the most of how the G7 decided to meet there.  And we were surprised. The article covers how it straddles the Pyrenees, is divided among two different countries, and is made up of seven territories.  It talks about out ancient culture, our unique language, even going so far as to quote Victor Hugo, a great friend to the Basques. It also goes into our millennia of history, our amazing cuisine, Irouléguy wines, and of course, patxaran. 

Really, it’s hard to say more interesting and positive things about our small nation of “just over three million inhabitants and 20,000 km² (7,700 sq mi)”, to quote the article.

We simply loved it. 

Le Point – 13/8/2019 – Francia

G7 à Biarritz: cinq choses à savoir sur le Pays basque

Le Pays basque où le sommet du G7 pose ses valises, à Biarritz du 24 au 26 août, est un cas à part en Europe: un territoire à cheval sur deux pays, avec une langue ancestrale mais bien vivante et une identité culturelle toujours très marquée.

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G7 in Biarritz: five things to know about the Basque Country

The Basque Country, where the G7 summit is settling in Biarritz from 24 to 26 August, is a special case in Europe: a territory straddling two countries, with an ancestral language but still alive and a cultural identity still very marked .

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