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Agence France Press has just released an article by Adrien Vicente about the industrial profile of our country.  And he does so by comparing it with one of the two countries that administer the Basque Country, Spain.  And the word is spreading like wildfire.

It’s because this report explains how the Basque Country south of the Pyrenees is the true “industrial engine” of Spain.  We down here in the Lower Basque Country have a level of industrial output that’s 25% of our total GDP, quite a long ways away from the 14% for the country as a whole.  What’s more, this industrial sector is ever more international, exporting 30% of its GDP outside of Spain.

Furthermore, it has some unique characteristics, such as how SMEs play a leading role, and are able to compete at a global level; co-ops, as well, are heavy hitters.

We’re always on the lookout, as far as we can, for news about our country that’s interesting and relevant, and this meets those conditions in spades.

And in addition to being interesting, it’s serving to show off a positive image of the Basque Country for everyone around the world.  We’ll leave you with some of the media outlets we found it in.

DePerú – 16/4/2019 – Perú

El País Vasco, locomotora económica de una España en desaceleración

En la ciudad vasca de Elgóibar, Pello Rodríguez contempla una imponente máquina en su fábrica. Toda una especialidad en esta región con un fuerte tejido industrial, que quiere seguir siendo motriz pese al cambio de ciclo económico que se avecina en España.

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Siliconner – 16/4/2019 – India

Basque Country boosts fragile Spanish economy

t his factory in Elgoibar in Spain’s northern Basque Country, Pello Rodriguez stops before an imposing machine tool that is used to shape metal for products such as engines and fridges. Machine tooling is speciality of this mountainous and thickly forested industrialised region, prospering even as economic growth in Spain, which will hold early elections on April 28, has begun to slow.

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The Peninsula – Qatar

Kuwait Times – Kuwait

Yahoo Noticias

Capital – Francia

Daily Star – Líbano

Bussines Recorder – India




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