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We found this story, penned by Rafael Valente, on the ESPN Brazil website.  It’s the sad news of the passing of John Mills, the son of a British father and Basque mother, grandson of one of the 33 founders of Athletic Bilbao, who had been born in Vigo, lived for years in Lima, and who became, once he’d moved to Brazil, the historian who dug the deepest into the history of soccer in that country.

His roots and his love for the sport meant he ended up having four favorite teams, Corinthians, Arsenal, Athletic Bilbao, and Juventus.

He dug deep into the history of the arrival and initial success of soccer in Brazil.  As in the case of Bilbao, it was imported into Brazil by the British who arrived to do business in Sao Paulo.  His research caused him to focus on Charles Miller, who took the rules of soccer to Brazil, and who organized the first match which followed the rules in 1895.

ESPN – 25/12/2018 – Brazil

Historiador do início do futebol no Brasil e biógrafo de Charles Miller, John Mills morre aos 80 anos

O inglês John Mills, 80, conhecido por ser o biógrafo de Charles Miller e estudar o início do futebol no Brasil, morreu nesta segunda-feira, dia 24 dezembro, em São Paulo. Mills vinha tratando há alguns anos de um câncer. Estava em casa e passaria o Natal com a família, na zona sul da cidade. Nascido em Vigo, na Espanha, Mills era filho de pai inglês e mãe basca. Seu avô foi um dos 32 fundadores do Athletic Bilbao. Veio para o Brasil em 1969, após alguns anos morando em Lima, no Peru.

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El historiador John Mills en SPAC Biblioteca en Sao Paulo Rafael Valente /
Historian John Mills at the SPAC Library in Sao Paulo Rafael Valente /


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