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The website for Departures, the magazine for “enjoying life” published by American Express, has just printed an article by Joe Harper describing what he considers to be the right most luxurious foods that can be enjoyed around the world (thanks to the Basque Club of Utah for finding the article!).

Alongside “classics” like caviar, we can find more niche foods, like ‘Culatella di Zibello,’ or more exotic fare (for Europeans), like fugu, or blowfish.

And, as out readers probably figured out by reading the headline, one of those eight Olympian delicacies are elvers.  We knew that already, as we know the most popular shops these days are those “jewelery stores” we call Basque fishmonger’s shops.

What used to be a regular food for regular people has now become a luxury available to only a select few.

Departures 5/4/2018 – USA

The World’s Most Luxurious Foods

From caviar and white truffles to a rare delicacy culled from the rivers of Spain’s Basque country, these are the globe’s most opulent dining indulgences.

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