Alejandro Fabbri, in the ‘442’ section of the Argentine sports paper Perfil, has just published an amazing article telling the story of Isidro Lángara, a Basque player who became an idol in Argentine soccer.

His facet as an athlete is one of the most important parts of the article, but what we really liked was the part in which a group of Basque footballers who defended the Basque Country against the monster of totalitarianism by putting on their shoes and kicking the ball around.

We’re referring, as we never tire of doing, to the Basque Country Selection (Euzkadi Selection), created by the Basque Government and promoted by Lehendakari Aguirre, especially if we can do so because it was mentioned in another article, which matches the sports achievements of a person with his personal commitment.

As much as we’re used to the fact that someone “scoring goals” is the perfect excuse for forgetting that these famous people need to have more than good skills scoring goals or dribbling, it’s nice to see a Basque athlete also being remembered for his commitment to the Basque Country and to Freedom.

442 – 22/5/2018 – Argentina

Isidro Lángara, el vasco dueño de Boedo

Tenía 27 años cuando llegó al puerto de Buenos Aires desde tierras mexicanas. El final de la Guerra Civil Española lo sorprendió integrando el seleccionado de Euzkadi, el País Vasco, que cumplía la parte final de una gira larguísima que empezó en la convulsionada Europa y siguió en tierras americanas, buscando ayudar a la República Española en su terrible lucha contra el fascismo español que encarnaba Francisco Franco.

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El Vasco Lángara, un ídolo de San Lorenzo, le convierte a Boca. / Foto: El Gráfico
Basque Lángara, an idol of San Lorenzo. / Photo: El Gráfico

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