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You may remember, about a month ago, when we reported that the Financial Times had published an article about the steps the Basques were taking to “capture talent in London”.  They were referring to the Be Basque Talent Conference in London, one of the conferences being held in different places around the world and organized by Bizkaia Talent (which we’ve spoken about on many occasions).

Today, we’d like to share an article from the Foundation that talks about the event.

This project, whose goal is to recover Basque professionals, is becoming a role model in European media when it comes to talking about the effort being made in several countries to get their professionals back.  The last two examples we’ve been able to find are an article in France 24 about the influence of Brexit on Continental Europeans working in the UK health sector, and another in the German daily Welt analyzing how non-German professionals are being treated in Germany, and whether that is influencing people’s desire to go back to their countries of origin.  In both cases, the work of Bizkaia Talent is featured prominently and in their own words.

Basque institutions have a lot of work ahead of them in this field.  While we in no way want to detract from the advantage and benefits our society gets from having our young people “go out into the world,” we can’t forget two things: that their education was “paid for” by all Basques, and that they deserve to have the opportunity to find a good job in our country.  The existence of these opportunities is not only a sign that we have a healthy economy, but that it is also strong and competitive.

Nor must we forget what we always say in these matters: “If our industry wants to be competitive and get the best people, the only thing it can do is treat our young people the way European companies, or companies around the world, do: with the respect and dignity they deserve”.

We’ve included a video of the event.  It’s impressive to see how many people these events can bring together.  That says a lot about them.

Bizkaia Talent – 10/2018 – Euskadi

The 11th Be Basque Talent Conference held in London is a resounding success

40 Basque organizations and more than 150 Basque professionals who reside in the UK have participated in this international event where more than 700 individual professional enounters, workshops company presentations, and debates took place.

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