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This isn’t the first time the Latin American section of the ILO has chosen the Basque Country, specifically the Basque Autonomous Region, as a role model for regional development.  

In 2016, we blogged about how the OIT regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean presented the study “Politics of clusters and productive development in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.  Lessons for Latin America and the Caribbean”.

On this occasion, it’s the director of the Ibero-American Center for the Development of Knowledge in Professional Training for the ILO who has, at a conference in the Dominican Republic, presented two countries, Germany and the Basque Country, as role models in pushing professional technical training. He stated that this is the path Latin America must follow if it wants to be ready for the so-called “Industry 4.0”.

El Caribe – 5/7/2018 – Dominican Republic

Avances tecnológicos promueven formación técnico profesional

Con los acelerados avances tecnológicos que experimenta el mundo, la formación técnico profesional cobrará cada vez mayor relevancia para dar respuesta a los cambios que se están produciendo en el mercado de trabajo, anclados a ocupaciones vinculadas con la ciencia, la tecnología, las matemáticas e ingenierías.

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