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Leyla Kazim is a British blogger who writes The Cutlery Chronicles.  And she’s a living example of how wonderfully complex and surprising Life can be.  Born in London to parents from Mauritius and Turkish Cyprus, she studies astrophysics and ended up focusing on cuisine by traveling the world and blogging about her experiences, as well as publishing her stories in the media.

Also, more strange coincidences of Life, she’s one of those responsible for the content of Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist, which publishes a list of the 500 best culinary experiences in the world.  On that list, San Sebastián is at the top, and we’ve just recently blogged about that.

Last June, she blogged a recipe based on products from the Northern Basque Country (with a small contribution of Breton sardines) and explained why she came back to the Basque Country.

The Cutlery Chronicles – 6/2018 – Great Britain

French Cooking: The Best Summer Tomato Recipe Is Basque Piperade

I’m writing this just a couple of days after returning from my second visit to Bilbao, in the Spanish part of the Basque Country. I first visited this city around this time last year, hopping over the border to Biarritz – in the French part of the Basque Country – for a half day visit.

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