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Marti Buckley Kilpatrick is an old friend for our readers.  She was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and now lives in San Sebastian.  She has a wonderful blog called Blank Palate, which is aimed mostly at readers in North America.

Her most recent blog entry explains to her readers why Basque cuisine is so widely represented on the Olympus of international gastronomy.  In addition to this entry, we also encourage our readers to delve in deeper, as she has many a great article on cuisine and where best to enjoy it.  And our favorite touch: her blog’s “favicon” is a map of the Land of the Basques.  Love it.

We’re still anxiously waiting for her to publish her book on Basque cuisine; it promises to be very interesting.

Black Palate – 8/7/2018 – USA


Two weeks ago (I know, I know…I’m so late) marked the annual celebration that everyone loves to hate, The World’s 50 Best. After having followed the list from afar for many years, I had a definite preconceived notion of how it was decided, awarded, and regarded.  Many in the food world talk down about it, calling it everything from arbitrary to biased.  And in a way, it is—like everything in life, the hard part is getting on it, but once you are on, your likelihood of zooming to the top skyrockets.

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