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Expert Market is a Texas-based website that offers resources for finding, comparing and getting to know different products and services.  They compare all kids of things.

Recently, they did a comparison of commuting in 74 cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants in 16 countries around the world, comparing three elements:

  • Travel and wait times, distances, and number of transfers.
  • Average cost for a monthly travel card as compared to the cost of living.
  • Time spent in traffic jams.

After all that data collection and calculations by Sean Julliard for the Expert Market website, Bilbao was found to be the third best.

We discovered this information thanks to an article by Joe McGaulley on the Thrillist website, which offers a summary of the findings.

Expert Market – 7/2018 – USA

The Best and Worst Cities for Commuting

Delays. Soaring costs. Manspreading. These are just three of the hardships endured by commuters on a daily basis that make the journey to and from work a thoroughly miserable experience for many. According to a report by the Independent Budget Office, in the 12-month period ending May 2017 straphangers in New York lost a combined 35,000 hours every weekday morning because of delayed subway trains. A figure up 45% compared to the same period in 2011/12.

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Thrillist – 5/7/2018 – USA


You can get to know a city pretty well as a tourist if you visit it enough, but to truly absorb the vibe of a place you have to feel what an authentic daily commute there is like. You may think you’re hanging in the most beautiful, idyllic locale on Earth, but until you’ve endured a full month of interminable sweaty and expensive bus, train, and car rides to and from work, you’ll never fully understand what its like.

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