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It comes to us from Rosario, Argentina: a team of engineers and designers has developed a dish that, thanks to a system of orifices and filters, allows the fats in some foods to be eliminated, reducing the calorie count by 30 percent.

The dish, inspired by invertebrates like sea sponges that have a series of channels and pores that filter food and oxygen, was developed over two years by a team of enginners and researchers at the Higher Technical School of Engineering at the University of the Basque Country, alongside a group of designers.  The dish’s main feature is the 1500 mathematically-distributed orifices that wring out lipids.


La Capital – 14/5/2018 – Argentina

A fat-absorbing dish has been created

A team of Spanish engineers and designers, over two years, has developed a dish that can, thanks to a system of orifices and filters, wring the fat out of some foods, reducing their calorie count by 30 percent.

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