This article was translated by John R. Bopp

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the state media outlet created in 1932, has just published a very interesting article by Tom Major on their website about the future plans a sugarcane producer, Ayr resident Frank Mugica, whose surname shows off his Basque heritage, has for passing on the farm.

It’s interesting for several reasons.  The first is because the farm, based on Basque laws, can and should be passed on to and run by his daughters (something we’ve discussed before).  But it’s also how Mr. Mugica draws on our laws, on our truth, as a basis for defending the participation of women in leading roles in agriculture.

It’s an interesting reflection from the Antipodes, which shows, once again, just how deep the roots of our People, our Tree of Gernika, extend thanks to the Basque descendants around the globe.

These Basque descendants have in some ways become saplings of the Sacred Tree, the Tree of Basque Freedom, and they can help make what Iparraguirre said in his hymn to freedom come true:

Eman ta zabal zazu munduan frutua (Give and spread your fruit around the world)

All that’s left is to wish them great success and a bright future, and that they continue to keep our traditions alive.

ABC – 11/4/2018 – Australia

Cane farmer draws on Basque heritage to encourage female farm succession

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