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Forbes magazine has dedicated an interesting series of articles to our country over the years, inviting their readers to get to know us.

Today, we’ve found another to add to our list.  It’s penned by Katie Chang and it presents six destinations that are worth visiting for foodies, both for their haute cuisine as well as the typical food you could find on any corner.

That list is made up of Puebla, Seoul, Bilbao, Marrakesh, Lima, and Venice.  Six destinations worthy of spending your airline miles on.


Forbes – 9/4/2018 – USA

Six Culinary-Driven Destinations Worth Spending Your Frequent Flier Miles On

Now, and more than ever, food is playing a central role in where travelers venture to. While all major cities have something delicious to offer, we’ve sought out destinations that offer something uniquely their own. So, whether you’re seeking a swanky Michelin-starred meal or are more interested in exploring the street food scene, below are six culinary-driven cities worth spending your frequent flier miles on.

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