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Renowned Canadian chef and food critic Chris Nuttall-Smith, writing for the Air Canada magazine, has just published an article on his experiences at the Basque ciderhouses around San Sebastian.  It’s not hard to figure out his conclusion: he loved the experience.

He loved the Basque cider, the txotx, the food, the ambience, the history of the Basques, and the tradition that surrounds it all.  As a Canadian, he hasn’t forgotten that the cider made in ciderhouses like these was what accompanied Basque seamen on their long trips across the North Atlantic, including those that brought them to the shores of modern Canada.  It’s a drink that helped the mitigate some of the worst diseases that decimated crews on long voyages, including scurvy.

Our visitor thoroughly enjoyed himself, and transmits that in his article, alongside some magnificent photos by Salva López.  This article is most certainly going to help inspire the thousands of fliers and readers of the airline’s website to want to get to know the Land of the Basques – and they are quite welcome.

Air Canada – 16/11/2017- Canadá

A Cider House Tour Through Spain’s Basque Country

I’ve just sat down when a man named Jon appears with an empty glass, and says that I should follow him. “It’s not a formal restaurant,” he announces. We march across the dining room into a stone vault that’s filled with chestnut-wood barrels, gleaming in the wintry half-light. Each one is almost as tall as an apple tree.

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Air Canada – 16/11/2017- Canadá

Where to Eat, Sleep and Explore in San Sebastián

Make the most of your stay with a visit to the market and an evening of pintxos and char-grilled T-bones at Bar Nestor.

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