This article was translated by John R. Bopp

Vermont is one of those places we’ve always dreamed of visiting.  Its forests are, from what we’ve heard from travelers there, true jewels of nature, which become even more beautiful in the fall.

When we see pictures of its forests, we can’t help but think how much they look like the woods that cover the Navarrese Pyrenees, especially in the Irati Forest.

Green Mountain National Park in the fall (photo: Danita Delmont)
Green Mountain National Park in the fall (photo: Danita Delmont)

That’s why, whenever we find out anything about the Basques in Vermont, even just a touch, we try to find a way to work it into the blog.

And on this occasion, we could!

Green Mountain Academy organized a “chat-course” on Monday called “Basque Country Pintxos”, and they sold out!  The class was led by Peter Wallace, the chef at the Folly Restaurant.

An interesting class that we’re sure was to everyone’s “taste”.  There sure were plenty of people interested, according to the photos they shared!

Just one niggle: Basque cuisine is not a Spanish regional cuisine, but a key element of the culture a people that has lived a cooked for thousands of years on both sides of the Pyrenees.

Green Mountain Academy – 11/2017 – USA

Basque Country Pintxos **SOLD OUT**

Pintxos, small finger foods, are quintessential Basque and form the backbone of the local food culture of that region of Spain. Chef Peter Wallace will cook up a bold and colorful array of small plates for sharing à la Basque in this hands-on cooking class

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