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It seems that more and more experts are checking out the Basque Country, or the Basque Autonomous Community more specifically, to find tools that can be applied to some of the challenges societies around the world are facing.

The list of articles from around the world that are being published about the “Basque case” or the “Basque model” is growing quite quickly here on our blog.  Today, we’re adding in a new editorial published in The National out of Abu Dhabi by Sami Mahroum, the director of the Insead innovation center, headquartered in that emirate.  We can’t help highlighting the profile and biography of this expert in “talent hunting”, which you can read about in this article from El País.

Sami Mahroum, an expert who’s known our country for years, has published his conclusions today in an article.

As we always say, this type of reflections should not tell us we can rest on our laurels, but rather to tell us that we’re on a track that experts from around the world are observing with interest, and that should only encourage us.

The National – 28/8/2017 – Abu Dhabi

How the Basque Country provides intriguing solutions to some of the world’s thorniest challenges

Bernie Sanders, the American presidential hopeful, took inspiration from Denmark to outline his vision for a better America in last year’s election. The European country has income tax reaching 60 per cent on incomes as low as $55,000 (Dh201,000), so American voters might be forgiven for turning their backs on Mr Sanders’s Danish idea. Suffering from lower wages than their counterparts in Denmark, voters in the US did not warm to a candidate who wanted to tax them more, not less. But, like many people around the world, I was sympathetic to Mr Sanders’s progressive ideas. After spending my summer in the Basque Country this year, I now wish Mr Sanders had taken his inspiration from this small autonomous nation within Spain, rather than from northern Europe.

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