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This entry to our Viewpoints section is the last one we’ll do regarding our trip to Soule.  But while it’s the last entry, it was on our way to Soule.

To reach Soule, we decided to take the extremely scenic route, which led us from Bera to Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry (Baigorri) via Izpegi Pass.  It was a route that took us to our destination via one of the most beautiful and historical parts of The Land of the Basques.

Our route through northern Navarre
Our route through northern Navarre

And it took us a long time to drive that route, as we just had to stop at some places along the route to film this video and take some pictures.  And we left so many places off our route, because you really need several days to appreciate this part of Navarre.  I’m sure we’ll get around to doing that.

In the video we’re sharing, we’ve gathered some pictures of the places we stopped off at: Bera, Etxalar, the Nature Reserve of San Juan Xar, Elizondo, and the views of Lower Navarre from Izpegi Pass.

But some of the places we weren’t able to stop at included the Señorío de Bértiz, which is a weekend in and of itself, the caves at Urdax, Amaiur, Lesaka, Zugarramurdi, and many other interesting places.

We strongly encourage you to visit and enjoy this part of Navarre.  It will not let you down.

And in order to prepare your visit, we recommend the guide the Navarrese Government prints about the northern part of the province under the name “Pyrenees”.  The routes we took between Bera and Izpegi are Routes 1 and 2 in this pamphlet, which can be found on the Navarrese Government’s Tourism Info website.

We’ll leave you with the video and a selection of the photos we took during our trip.  By the way, this is the first video we’ve uploaded in 4K!


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