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The Argentine government “Aims at the Basque industrial model”.  That is what comes across from the article penned by Francisco Jueguen in the newspaper La Nación.

This isn’t the first time references have been made to the “Basque industrial model” as a role model for different countries and institutions.  The most important of those might have been the one made by the ILO in a study for South America and the Caribbean.  

The keys, according to the article, that define this strategy by Argentine authorities for following the “Basque model” are:

There would be a more open economy, there would be no pressure for low salaries, work would be done on improving the competitiveness of the factors and an economy that is much more technological and based on design and added value would be encouraged.

By the way, don’t miss the comments section.  It’s got to be seen to be believed.

La Nación – 5/8/2017 – Argentina

Apuntan al modelo industrial vasco

“Perdón que lo interrumpa”, frenó el periodista al funcionario. “Pero, ¿cuál es el plan industrial del Gobierno? No queda claro”, remarcó. El funcionario de la actual administración, uno de los encargados de pensar el futuro del sector manufacturero, aclaró: “No queremos ser Tailandia ni China. Somos un país de ingresos medios. Sería fácil devaluar y cerrar la economía pero queremos una industria sustentable”. Otro dato: si en el viejo Plan Productivo de 2016 el ejemplo de proceso de transformación era Australia, ahora la referencia preferida en el oficialismo es el País Vasco.

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