This article was translated by John R. Bopp

It’s been a while now since those glorious years when the Euskaltel-Euskadi team took the name of our country to the biggest cycling events and the team’s thousands of followers filled the Pyrenees with the colors of the ikurriña.

As we’ve said before, we’re not really into sports, which is why we were surprised to see a small video presentation shared on Twitter by Team Sky from the UK.  We actually found it on Lehendakari Ibarretxe’s Twitter feed (@LHKibarretxe), since he shared it.

After watching it, we found out that there’s a bit of a controversy around this, as some are offended that one can find ikurriñas, but no Spanish flags.  We’re not in that group.

The video introduces the nine members of the team who will be participating in the 2017 Tour de France: a Brit, a Colombian, a German, a Belorussian, a Pole, two Welshmen, and two Basques.  They were introduced with the names, a bit of biographical information, and their nation’s flag.  For the Basques, it was the ikurriña.

It’s true that on the team’s website, their described as being from the country that does administer the Basque Country, but we’re sure that this video will be seen by a lot more people than those who’ll read the article..


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