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Today, media around the world are reporting on Dan Brown’s next book, the latest in a series that includes “Angels and Demons”, “The da Vinci Code”, and “Inferno”, which will go on sale on October 3.

This novel, titled “Origins”, is the fifth in the series led by professor of symbology and religious iconography Robert Langdon, portrayed by Tom Hanks in the three books that have been turned into movies.

This new story starts out in Bilbao, specifically at the Guggenheim Museum, where the hero will hear a “transcendental announcement that will change the face of science forever”.

We’re anxiously looking forward to reading the new book.  Honestly, we’ve always found this an entertaining series of books, and given their worldwide projection and success, having Bilbao in the story is definitely good news and good advertising.

Not that we don’t have our concerns, regarding how the city, the people, our history, and our reality might be portrayed.  Unfortunately, there is way too much misinformation floating around out there, that is still negatively affecting us.  We hope Dan Brown saw through that.

Los Angeles Times – 27/6/2017 – USA

Publisher reveals details about Dan Brown’s new book, ‘Origin’

“The Da Vinci Code” author Dan Brown on Tuesday revealed some information about his forthcoming novel, “Origin,” the fifth book to feature his signature character, Robert Langdon. Brown’s publisher, Doubleday, unveiled the cover of his latest thriller, which is set for publication on Oct. 3, and disclosed for the first time the setting of the novel: four cities in Spain.

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Última Hora – 27/6/2017 – Paraguay

Dan Brown ubica a Origin, la nueva historia de Robert Langdon, en España

En Origen, Langdon recorrerá escenarios como el Monasterio de Montserrat, la Casa Milà (La Pedrera) o la Sagrada Familia, en Barcelona; el Museo Guggenheim, en Bilbao (norte), el Palacio Real de Madrid o la catedral de Sevilla (sur). Como ya sucedió con París en El código Da Vinci, con Roma en Ángeles y demonios y con Florencia en Inferno, los escenarios de las novelas de Brown siempre han sido un elemento clave en sus tramas.

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