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Camille Berry has written an article dedicated to “wines of the Basque Country” on the blog The Black Label, on the website for the wine club Wine Awesomeness.

It’s strange that even though the article is titled “Your Guide to Basque Wines”, it really only discusses txakoli.  Despite that fact that it clearly explains how the Basque Country is a historic and cultural reality at the west end of the Pyrenees between Spain and France, when it comes to talking wine, it only covers txakoli.  But it does so very well, offering interesting information; it’s just that the title doesn’t match the contents.

Even if the article only wanted to cover the wines of the Basque Autonomous Community, one of the administrative divisions of the Land of the Basques, it seems a requirement to talk about the wines of the Rioja alavesa, which are among the most recognized wines in the world.

However, given how well the introduction covers how our country covers both sides of the Pyrenees, it seems logical that the list would also have included the wines of Navarre.  Even if you didn’t include Navarre in that historical and cultural definition of Basque, it seems hard that they haven’t borne in mind a wine that is produced in a territory that uses the term The Basque Country to define itself.  We’re referring to the wines of Irouléguy, produced in the Pays Basque, that part of the Basque Country under French administration.  And it just so happens that this wine is also produced in Navarre, Lower Navarre, which is under French administration.

So yes, a much better headline would probably have been “Txakoli, one wine of many from the Basque Country”.

The Back Label – 16/2/2017 – USA

Your guide to basque vines

The wines of the Basque Country are as wonderfully unique as Basque culture itself. Racy, mineral-driven wines with a piquant palate, they’re made from local varieties found nowhere else. Light and bright, distinctive and delicious, Basque wine is perfect with the phenomenal local cuisine, but also manages to translate well to a variety of international fare. But first, a little background.

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