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Travel website TripAdvisor has just published its 2016 list of the ten best luxury restaurants in the world.  And the top position is taken by Martín Berástegui’s restaurant, making it the best restaurant in the world for 2016.

On this list, there are three British restaurants, two French ones, an Italian, an American, a Brazilian, … and two Basque ones!

The other Basque restaurant that accompanies Martín Berástegui’s is Eneko Atxa’s Azurmendi Gastronómico.  Both of them, let’s not forget, have three Michelin stars.

We never cease to be amazed by the power of Basque gastronomy worldwide.  We think it must be difficult to find another place in the world that collects as much recognition in this field, and which is not limited just to the grand temples of haute cuisine, but extends to everyday cooking.  And, it would seem, this is a situation that’s here to stay.

Besides, we know the exact recipe to follow: quality, respect for the raw materials, respect for the customer, and authenticity.  More and more tourists are coming here, attracted by our gastronomy.  It would be a huge mistake, with very serious consequences, to break this way of life with easy profits.

It’s very hard to reach this position, and very easy to lose it.  Second opportunities are hard to come by in this field.

Finally, we’d like to point out that, even though it’s explained better in the body of the articles, the headlines for both restaurants call them Spanish.  We’re sure that this origin would not have been attributed to them if they’d been speaking about “Basque” terrorists, and that is something that, despite it constantly happening, we’re still not used to.

This list has a huge, worldwide audience.  We’ll leave you with a couple examples, one from Great Britain, and the other from India.

Daily Mail – 18/10/016 – Gran Bretaña

Revealed: Restaurant in Spain is named world’s best by TripAdvisor (with eateries in France, Italy, the UK and America in the top 10)

grand mansion perched on a hillside outside Bilbao, a quintessentially English country pile in Oxfordshire and a trendy establishment in Chicago where you have to pre-pay for dinner are among the world’s best restaurants, according to TripAdvisor. The travel reviews company has just revealed its Travellers’ Choice Restaurants winners for 2016. And while there were strong contenders from France and Spain, it was UK restaurants that won three of the top 10 positions.

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The indian Express – 18/10/2016 – India

These are the world’s 10 best fine-dining restaurants for 2016

here’s nothing like food. Good food brings the world closer and most foodies even have a bucket list of the places they would love to visit, just to eat! Which is why we keep a keen eye on which are THE best restaurants to sample. This year, Martin Berasategui in Lasarate, Spain was voted world’s best by Tripadvisor. To make it easier for you, here’s a round-up of the Top 10 restaurants in the world for 2016. Take a look.

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Martín Berástegui’s restaurant takes the top spot in TripAdvisor’s 2016 list of best luxury restaurants


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