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There are times, fortunately many times, that we find ourselves with people who give us back our faith in humanity, of making the world make sense.  These are extraordinary people, who live in the most absolute humility and normalcy, who devote their lives to the defense of rights and the dignity of the weak.

Today, in our daily perusal of the news, we found, on the Presared website, run by the Córdoba Press and Communications Union (CISPREN), an article reviewing the life of commitment and dedication of Justo Hilario Irazábal, the “Basque priest” in the Argentine city of Córdoba.

Reading about the life of this extraordinary man, his efforts and sacrifices in his commitment to the poor, his dedication to the Church of Jesus the Nazarene…he was anything but an apathetic man.  It’s definitely worth dedicating a few minutes to know what good people do in any part of the world to keep evil from triumphing.  

As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  And it’s clear that this priest was not willing to let inaction help evil triumph.  

As a curiosity, this man, Justo Hilario Irazábal, who chose to be called “Basque priest” was born on May 26, 1927 in Pehuajó, in the province of Buenos Aires.  His parents were Argentines descended from Basques, which means he was third-generation Basque, and even so chose that name, so we are moved by his dedication to the poor and his remembering his links to his homeland.

He passed away in 2012, but after reading about him on the CISPREN website, it’s clear he’s still fondly remembered by many residents of Córdoba.


Prensared -27/5/2016 – Argentina

El Cura Vasco eligió vivir con los pobres  y predicar con el ejemplo

Justo Hilario Irazábal nació el 26 de mayo de 1927, en Pehuajó, provincia de Buenos Aires. Sus padres, argentinos descendientes de vascos, criaron a varios hijos con lo que producían en aquella zona rural cercana al poblado. Justo Hilario Irazábal probablemente hubiese sido un médico destacado, porque la pasión por cuidar la salud de la gente perduró hasta el final de sus días. Pero a Justo Hilario Irazábal lo conoció muy poca gente. En su infancia y juventud, los compañeros de escuela y del Centro de Formación política que el partido comunista tenían instalado entonces en aquella ciudad bonaerense.

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