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This summer, for the first time, a special event comprised of three basic elements of the Basque culture will take place in a town of unique beauty.

On July 30, 31, and August 1, 2015 the first edition (we predict there will be many more) of “The Basque Music & Cook” Festival will be held in Mundaka.

The festival consists of three days dedicated to the enjoyment of music, gastronomy and nature/surf  in Mundaka, an extraordinary place. This event is going to be impressive and only 4,000 people will be able to enjoy it.

Mundaka Festival
Mundaka Festival

The Peninsula of Santa Katalina will be the epicenter of a festival that’s aimed to impact the entire municipality and Urdaibai itself. A festival that, as we have said, revolves around three key elements.



The music will be divided into two groups:

The national: “WE ARE BC”, devoted to Basque music.

And the international: “WE ARE MUSIC”, where international top artists will participate.

The festival’s bill is not closed yet, but there is already a compelling list: Anti Flag (new), Echo & the Bunnymen, The Sonics, Belako, We Are Standard, SMILE, Dead Bronco…


Gastronomy is another pillar on which the festival rests. There will be areas devoted to sales, exhibitions, and tastings of Basque products as well as culinary showcases and workshop areas led by renowned chefs. A program of gastronomic activities (tastings, workshops, popular meals, cooking shows, etc.) and their specific locations outside the festival will be made available.


Nature is omnipresent in this geographical area of the Basque Country. Nobody can escape it. Santa Katalina is the stage where music and gastronomy perfectly match in communion with the biodiversity of Urdaibai’s reserve. The activities, such as audiovisual projections, will be organized with the collaboration of the Mundaka Surf Taldea (which is also responsible for projects to clean coasts, exhibitions, workshops etc).

Three intense days, one extraordinary weekend, in one of the most beautiful, historic places of the Basque Country.

Tickets can already be purchased to enjoy these three incredible days at a price of 55 euros!  (Advance purchase price, but will be modified as the event approaches)  

Should you need any information, or if you want to buy tickets, just go to the Festival’s website:

Mundaka “The Basque Music & Cook” Festival


Hurry up to be one of the 4,000 lucky ones.

Mundaka Festival. Bandas
Mundaka Festival. Bandas


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