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The Honduran newspaper El Heraldo informs its readers about the debates that are taking place regarding the closure of the Toncontin Airport, which until now has served the country’s capital. This airport is going to be replaced because of its location, technical characteristics, and operating risks (it is often included on lists of the “most dangerous airports in the world“).

The issue is that the airport relocation site is 70 km away from Tegucigalpa.  The future location has created a debate about the problems that may arise from having the airport so far from the city, and how this distance can hinder both the development of the city and its own airport.

In 2012 the firm ALG Europraxis (based in Barcelona) published a report analyzing cases where airports failed simply because other airports that were closer to the cities were not closed.  Bilbao is included among the failed airports.

We assume that the report actually refers to the Foronda airport, which was planned and built by the Provincial Council of Alava, and failed to attract both passengers and airlines that continued to use the Bilbao-Loiu airport.

Truth be told, the data on the evolution of Bilbao’s Airport  impedes it from being classified as a failure. What’s more,  if we take into account that even though Bilbao and Tegucigalpa have similar populations (over a million people), in 2014 Bilbao registered 6.5 times more passengers than the capital of Honduras (4,015,352 passengers in Bilbao and 617,526 in the Toncontin airport).


El Heraldo – 14/6/2015 – Honduras

Cierre de aeropuerto Toncontín impactará negativamente en economía

El anuncio del cierre del aeropuerto Toncontín por la futura habilitación de Palmerola no es bien visto bajo la lupa del sector empresarial de la capital. Un impacto económico negativo se avizora en la ciudad al amputarle su terminal aérea, según los pronósticos de los dirigentes empresariales.

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