This article was translated by John R. Bopp

Today, we’re not going to discuss an article we found in the international media.  We’re going to let ourselves get carried away by the indignation we feel that is still alive, born of an injustice carried out in 1940 by the administration the Nazis imposed on Paris, and which was inexplicably ratified by the courts of the Fourth French Republic in 1951.

We’re referring to the expropriation by the Gestapo of the building that the Basque Nationalist Party had bought at Avenue Marceau nº 11 in Paris, which was ceded to the Basque Government in 1937 so that it could set up its seat there.  The story of the repeated and reiterated injustices that have occurred regarding this building can be read about here.

Forgetfulness and omission regarding how this building became “state heritage” is a clear indicator of the quality of democracy and the sense of justice that pervades the Government of Spain.

But worse still is that, a king, and a queen, of Spain, went into it to discuss “peace, freedom, justice, and solidarity”.

We’re not going to try to explain what that means.  We’re not going to do so because we’d never do so better than Iñaki Anasagasti did on his blog: La chulería del Rey Felipe VI con el PNV (The Insolence of King Felipe VI with the BNP).  To cite the refrain, you can say it louder, but never clearer.

You can see and hear Felipe VI discussing “peace, freedom, justice, and solidarity” in one of the rooms in this building stolen by a dictator and never returned to its rightful owners by this new, supposedly democratic, régime.


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