We do not usually talk about soccer. But we admit that S.D. Eibar’s arrival in the First Division a year ago was a moment which we thoroughly enjoyed.

We enjoyed it because a small team from a small Basque town attracted the world’s interest, because it seemed that for a team with that budget and “philosophy”, it would be a miracle to make it to the First Division.

Getting Aljazeera, CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times, and many other prime media outlets premier to talk about Eibar and its soccer team was a “Homeric” victory (as Michaleen Flynn, the extraordinary character of The quiet man, would have put it).

We know that this is not easy for the team and its fans. But even a soccer layperson like me can assure that they will make it back, and can give them a piece of advice.

Look to the future. We are confident that before long the S.D. Eibar will be back in the “First Division”

Our advice: Nothing is easy, and even less so in the world of elite soccer. Hence relegation was not only possible, but likely. Now you have to remain calm, and assess what has been achieved, be aware that “you made it” before. If you can come up once, you can come up many more times. But there is one big difference: now they have much more experience and knowledge.

We accompany this information with a photo of the excitement following the feat that was achieved a year ago. The joy will be back!.

Aupa Eibar!


Last Updated on Dec 20, 2020 by About Basque Country

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