A couple of years ago we wrote about a group of folk that lives between Dublin and Bilbao, and which was a great discovery for us. We are referring to Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies .

We have found occasional references to the band in different media. Today, as we’ve bumped into another reference -regarding one of their concerts-, we feel that we ought to write about them, among other things, because we really like how they sound.

The review of this concert at the Oval Tavern, in Croydon, Greater London, signed by Papa Delta and published in The Croydon Citizen, seemed to leave little doubt that the audience really liked this band. They also opened with a song in Basque. So we want to share this information with all of you, along with some of their great tunes. We are certain that the song in this video will sound familiar to you…


By the way, if you like their music, you can buy it on their web .

The Croydon Citizen – 22/5/2015 – Gran Bretaña

Event review: Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies at the Oval Tavern, Thursday 14th May

Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies was the main bill at the Oval Tavern, Croydon on Thursday 14th May, one of their regular ‘pay what you can’ folk events…. Following the Worry Dolls, Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies took to the stage. Their full, frequently-changing line up consists of ten members, who would, had they all been at the Oval, filled the stage several times over. Tonight Harry Bird, on acoustic guitar, was just accompanied by the versatile Christophe Capewell. As soon as Harry, with his soft Scottish accent, introduced their first number, a song in Basque, you knew that this was going to be an interesting set

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Harry Bird & the Rubber Wellies // “Link For My Chain”


Su disco más reciente en Spotify


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